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Elevating Road Durability with Adhesion Promoter

In the asphalt road industry, ensuring the longevity and robustness of asphalt pavements is crucial for maintaining safe and reliable transportation networks. One of the key challenges faced in road construction is asphalt stripping, which occurs when the bond between bitumen and aggregates weakens, leading to pavement failure. To counteract this issue, an innovative solution has emerged – ANTROCELBOND, an exceptional anti stripping agent specially formulated to improve adhesion and amplify road performance.

Key Benefits of ANTROCELBOND Adhesion Promoter

  1. Enhanced Bitumen Adhesion: A powerful adhesion promoter, forming a robust interface between bitumen and aggregates. This heightened adhesion agent significantly reduces the chances of moisture intrusion, sustaining the structural integrity of the road surface.
  2. Enhanced Bitumen Adhesion: By mitigating asphalt stripping, effectively enhances road resilience, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and repair work. This, in turn, leads to cost savings and extends the overall lifespan of the pavement.
  3. Versatility: Whether used in new road construction or road rehabilitation projects, ANTROCELBOND anti stripping agent for asphalt seamlessly adapts to various asphalt mixtures and aggregate types, making it a versatile choice for road engineers and contractors.
  4. Environmental Considerationst: engineered with environmental consciousness, ensuring that bitumen road construction adheres to sustainability principles. It helps minimize the environmental impact by reducing material waste and the need for road repairs.

Application and Usage

ANTROCELBOND is easy to incorporate into bitumen emulsions and asphalt mixes, simplifying the construction process. Asphalt road professionals can simply introduce the anti stripping agent during asphalt mixing phase, ensuring optimal performance and superior adhesion. The proportions of the anti stripping agent for asphalt can vary from 0.2% up to 0.7% of the total bitumen mass, providing flexibility in achieving desired performance levels.

Used mainly in the road construction asphalt industry for mixture improvement, ANTROCELBOND adhesion promoter can be applied to both hot and cold mixtures. Still cannot find what you’re looking for? Submit inquiry and get response in 1 day.

KEY features:

Acidity index:  ~ 8 mgKOH/g

Density: 960 -1000 kg/m3

Flash point: +210°C

Recommended proportion: 0,2-0,7% of bitumen mass

Suggested working temperature:  0°C up to +50°C.

How ANTROCELBOND Transforms Asphalt Road Industry

Bio-based: Produced from organic materials.

Non-Amine and Non-Silone Based: Non-toxic – safe for people and the environment.

Non-Acidic: Safe for dosing systems.

Planet-conscious: Used containers are easy to recycle or reuse.

Storage and Shipping

ANTROCELBOND requires no special storage or shipping conditions. Original packaging can be stored outside. Asphalt road professionals can work confidently, knowing that the product’s handling poses no harm to both them and the environment.

ANTROCELBOND standard shipping: IBC containers, 1t/container. 


Incorporating ANTROCELBOND adhesion promoter into road construction asphalt projects empowers engineers and contractors to proactively address asphalt stripping, a significant cause of pavement degradation. Its exceptional anti stripping properties, coupled with its adhesion promotion capabilities, make it a valuable tool in enhancing road resilience and ensuring safer, more reliable transportation infrastructure.

Choose ANTROCELBOND anti stripping agent for a comprehensive road construction solution – where performance meets convenience.

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