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Carved and polished Technology for Asphalt Road: Simply Possible

Antrocel is proud to be trusted partner worldwide. Thanks to dedication and commitment to quality we offer you expertise in the development and production of sustainable cellulose fibers specifically designed for asphalt road solutions like Stone Matrix Asphalt. Our cutting-edge manufacturing processes simply ensure consistent quality and performance in every batch of cellulose fibers we produce.

Our versatile team combines extensive knowledge and experience in the field of asphalt road technology, providing comprehensive support and guidance to our clients throughout the project lifecycle. From product selection to application techniques, we are committed to delivering the best cellulose fibers solutions, anti stripping additives and anti adhesion promoters tailored to your specific needs.

Furthermore, our team drives asphalt road innovation through continuous research and development, exploring new products and applications using cellulose fibers. We collaborate closely with customers, creating bespoke solutions that optimize asphalt road performance. With a focus on sustainability, we seek eco-friendly sources and cellulose manufacturing processes, leading the way to a greener future for the asphalt road industry.

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Paving the way for progress as a journey of proper choices and actions, both big and small, that simply shape a flourishing future.


Top trusted worldwide supplier of sustainable cellulose fibers and asphalt additives solutions.


  • Economic prosperity
  • Environmental health
  • Social well-being

Let’s make it simply possible. We invite you to create a continuous relationship with us. Collective responsibility that involves individual commitment is our promise. Contact us today to discover the transformative potential of cellulose fibers in  Stone Matrix Asphalt and beyond.

Meet Our Team

Simas Ambroževičius


Mantas Gaidamavičius

Director of Commerce

Giedrė Bartašiūtė

Logistics and supply chain coordinator

Bronius Aliukonis


Dainora Jefremova

Chief Accountant

Monika Smilgienė


Lukas Šerpytis

Senior researcher

Our values

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Quality solutions

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Organic, Eco products

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History highlights

This is our story and greatest milestones.


The story begins in 1995 in a small town called Venta

A handful of fiber from the road builder helped promote the idea of fiber production.


Antrocel-P cellulose fibers production launched in 1996

Successfully established a fiber production enterprise within the span of a single year.


The foundation of JSC Antrocelas.


Cellulose Pellets Innovation in 2007

The demand to increase value resulted in the launch of Antrocel-G production.


A brand new adhesion promoting solution, Antrocelbond, was introduced in 2010

Evolving business dynamics led us to introduce a new product that brought increased sales and added value to our customers.


2018: Going the Extra Mile for Quality

Brand new manufacturing facility propelled Antrocel-G and Antrocel-P cellulose fiber production to unsurpassed market excellence.


Green initiative: a solar power plant was installed in 2019

Significantly reducing energy consumption lowered greenhouse gas and other air-polluting emissions by up to 50%.


Sustaining Eco-consciousness: Technological Eco-innovation in 2020

New technology enables the production to be recyclable, leaving very little waste behind.


In 2020, experiments led to the biodegradable Antrocel-AA anti-sticking solution

A powerful tool was purposefully launched to assist in asphalt road maintenance with a reduced ecological footprint. Building upon this commitment to excellence and ongoing research, just two years later in 2022, an upgraded tar remover, Antrocel-AAK, was introduced.

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