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Welcome to the World of Antrocel-G Cellulose Pellets for Stone Matrix Asphalt Industry

When it comes to revolutionizing the asphalt road industry, our flagship product, Antrocel-G Cellulose Pellets, takes center stage. Cellulose pellets or fiber pellets are engineered to enhance the performance of stone matrix asphalt (SMA) mixtures even at lower mixing temperatures of around +120°C. Experience unparalleled bitumen stabilization and improved asphalt mastic quality. Let’s delve into the key aspects that make Antrocel-G the ultimate choice for paving professionals and road construction experts.

What are Antrocel-G Cellulose Pellets?

Cellulose pellets are advanced additives derived from natural cellulose fibres, which are extracted from sustainable and renewable sources. The remarkable properties of cellulose fibers make them an ideal choice for enhancing SMA asphalt mix, as they contribute to high durability, improved wearing resistance and simple maintenance.

Antrocel-G Cellulose Pellets Advantages:

Bitumen Stabilization: Cellulose pellets enhance the adhesion between bitumen and aggregates, resulting in improved overall stability of the SMA asphalt mix.

Superior Asphalt Mix: By reinforcing the asphalt mix, Antrocel-G boosts the strength and durability of the final asphalt mixture, ensuring longer-lasting roads.

Enhanced SMA asphalt Performance: Stone matrix asphalt benefits greatly from the addition of Antrocel-G, leading to reduced rutting and cracking, even under heavy traffic loads.

Reduced Asphalt Rutting: Fiber pellets help prevent deformation and wear on the road surface, extending the lifespan of the pavement.

Noise-Reducing Surface: Antrocel-G contributes to creating smoother and quieter road surfaces by absorbing and dampening road noise, enhancing the overall driving experience.

Environmentally Friendly: Derived from natural cellulose fibers, Antrocel-G is an eco-friendly solution that aligns with sustainable construction practices.

Fiber Pellets Important Challenges:

Dosage Optimization: Determining the appropriate dosage of Antrocel-G cellulose pellets for specific asphalt mixtures and project requirements is a crucial challenge. Finding the right balance between enhanced performance and cost-effectiveness is essential for achieving optimal results. Rigorous testing and collaboration with experts can help overcome this.

Mixing Uniformity: Ensuring the uniform dispersion of fiber pellets within the asphalt mix is critical to realizing their benefits fully. Inadequate mixing can result in uneven distribution, leading to inconsistent performance. Implementing precise mixing protocols and techniques, as well as utilizing advanced mixing equipment, can help to maximise results.

Compatibility with Additives: Many asphalt mixes incorporate various additives or modifiers to achieve specific properties. Ensuring the compatibility of Antrocel-G cellulose pellets with asphalt additives is vital to avoid adverse interactions that could compromise the asphalt mix’s performance. Thorough testing and understanding the chemical interactions between different asphalt additives is crucial to achieve success.

By proactively addressing these challenges, stakeholders in the asphalt road industry can maximize the advantages offered by Antrocel-G cellulose pellets while ensuring successful and effective implementation in various asphalt applications.

Fiber Pellets Application Types:

Antrocel-G fiber pellets find applications across various aspects of road construction asphalt, including:

SMA Asphalt: Enhancing the performance of stone matrix asphalt mixtures.

Mastic Road: Improving the durability and resistance of asphalt mastic, a dense asphalt mix used for heavy-duty pavements.

Bitumen Roads: Reinforcing asphalt mastic to create stronger and longer-lasting roads.

Simply perfect match for most asphalt mixtures with extremely high loading: motorways, industrial areas, airways, harbour areas, national roads, municipality road, bridges, superhighways, motorways, autobahn, container terminals, racetracks, urban roads, parking areas. Still cannot find what you’re looking for? Submit inquiry and get response in 1 day.

Antrocel-G Cellulose Pellets Quality Properties of SMA Asphalt Mix:

Improved Cohesion: Enhances the adhesive properties between aggregates and bitumen.

Enhanced Rut Resistance: Provides resistance against rutting caused by heavy traffic loads and climatic changes.

Crack Prevention: Helps prevent cracks and deterioration, ensuring a smoother road surface.

Durability: Increases the overall lifespan of asphalt pavements, reducing maintenance for frequent maintenance and reducing life-cycle costs. 

Oil Absorption: Antrocel-G cellulose pellets exhibit remarkable oil absorption capabilities, contributing to improved binder distribution within the asphalt mix. This leads to better overall mixture homogeneity and enhanced performance.

KEY features:

Humidity in mass: <5%

Average fiber length: 1..1,1 μm

Average fiber diameter: 0,045…0,05 μm

Cellulose content in mass: >80%

Average bitumen content in mass: ~15%

Oil absorption: up to 6 times.


The optimal dosage of Antrocel-G fiber pellets varies depending on the specific asphalt mix and project requirements. Our technical experts are available to provide dosage recommendations tailored to your project’s needs, ensuring optimal results and cost-efficiency.

Storage Conditions and Shipping:

To maintain the quality of Antrocel-G fiber pellets, store them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture. Handle with care to prevent damage or contamination. Following proper storage and handling guidelines ensures the product’s performance integrity when added to asphalt mixtures.

ANTROCEL-G cellulose pellets standard package is Big bag: 545 kg for truck delivery and 600 kg for container delivery. Small 2 – 15 kg packs are available on request. 

Stand at the forefront of innovation in the stone matrix asphalt industry and explore the transformative power of Antrocel-G fiber pellets. Pave the way for more durable, sustainable, and resilient roads.

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