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Enhance Road Maintenance with Powerful Bitumen, Asphalt, and Tar Remover

When it comes to road maintenance, dealing with tar, asphalt, and bitumen can be a challenging task. Traditional methods often fall short in providing efficient and eco-friendly solutions to remove these stubborn substances from truck body surfaces. However, with the introduction of Antrocel-AAK, the road industry can now take advantage of a highly effective tar remover, asphalt remover, and bitumen remover that simplifies road maintenance processes.

Why Choose Anti Sticking Agents as Truck Body Tar Removers?

Effective Cleaning Power: Anti Sticking Agents or Anti Adhesive Agents are renowned for their excellent cleaning properties, making them ideal tar removers, asphalt removers, and bitumen removers. Their strong adhesion to sticky substances allows for easy and thorough removal.

Eco-Friendly Solution: Sustainability is a critical aspect of modern road construction and maintenance. Antrocel-AAK is derived from renewable sources such as plants, making it eco-friendly and biodegradable. Choosing Antrocel-AAK demonstrates your commitment to environmentally conscious practices.

Non-Toxic and Safe: Modern asphalt removers are non-toxic and safe to handle, reducing the risk to road workers and the environment. Unlike some harsh chemicals used in traditional removers, Antrocel-AAK tar remover provides a safer alternative without compromising on effectiveness.

Benefits of Using Antrocel-AAK Anti Sticking Agent

Tar removers are instrumental in preventing unwanted sticking of materials and promoting smoother processes during road construction and maintenance. 

Reduced Equipment Maintenance: Antrocel-AAK anti sticking agent plays a significant role in preventing materials from sticking to truck body surface. This results in less downtime due to maintenance and extends the lifespan of your road construction machinery.

Improved Workability: Incorporating Antrocel-AAK bitumen remover into road construction asphalt materials reduces the chances of adhesion and sticking during application. This leads to enhanced workability and smoother handling of materials, improving overall project efficiency.

Enhanced Product Performance: By ensuring that road construction materials don’t stick together, Antrocel-AAK anti sticking agent contributes to the longevity and durability of the finished road surfaces. This leads to better-performing roads with reduced maintenance needs over time.

ANTROCEL-AAK Tar Remover key features

Consistency: Homogeneous liquid in all mass

Odor: Week, pleasant

Flammability: Non-flammable

Crystallization temperature: Depends on solution ration if not diluted -10 °C.

Ready to use, packed in IBC containers.



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Antrocel-AAK has revolutionized the road industry, offering powerful prevention to sticking as an asphalt remover, and tar remover that simplifies road maintenance processes. Furthermore, its role as anti adhesive and anti sticking agent enhances workability and product performance, making it indispensable for modern road construction and maintenance projects.

Choose Antrocel-AAK tar remover for your road industry applications and experience the efficiency, safety, and sustainability it brings to your projects.

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